Haider Ali
CEO/Owner and Founder

Hey! What's up? My name is Haider Ali and I love to help people with their web site problems. I started coding back in the fourth grade on our College's Windows computer with the C programming language. I knew then that computers would change the world, I just didn't fully grasp how profound that change would be. Life took several twists and turns along the way and took me down a couple of different career paths. But I never lost the bug for programming. Fast forward to today.

I decided to pursue my fourth grade dream and jumped back into programming. In the evenings and on the weekends I'm a coding warrior in pursuit of a full time entrepreneurial reward. Web design and programming allows me to help friends and family with their web and app projects while allowing me to develop and round out my skills. If you have a project or just need a web page fixed, let me know. I'd love to help.


My purpose in this life is to learn how to serve others in humility, with gentleness, kindness, and patience. I want to strive to do all that I do with excellence, knowing that quality service is a reflection of the image in which I was made.


I am continually growing in life as I learn to interact with those around me with grace, mercy and love. I go out of my way to lift others up and deposit joy into their lives through acts of service and expressions of kindness. My words give life and encouragement to all whom I meet.


People matter most in this world. Every person has a story; a reason for being; a purpose. It is my desire to help people tell their story, discover their reason, and live out their purpose here on Earth.


Technology has rapidly changed the world. I want to harness technology as a means to serve the people around me and help them connect with others and tell their story.